Monday, January 5, 2015

What Does The Latest Microsoft Lync 2013 Offer?

Among unified communication platforms, Microsoft Lync has got an envious place, thanks to its exciting features. The recently released version, Microsoft Lync 2013, offers seamless opportunities for users who wish to implement MS UC. Testimonies from users of the Microsoft Lync 2010 indicate that they have been able to ensure substantial cost reduction. A firm that employs 100 employees report that they could reduce about £2.5million merely with the use of the Microsoft Lync for their operations.


According to OmniTech reviews, the most productive feature in Microsoft Lync 2013 is its ability to integrate real time info from VoIP, MS Office, video conferencing and IM. This integrative feature adds productivity and leverage efficiency. Reports indicate that Microsoft is planning to roll out frequent updates to the latest version - MS Lync 2013. The upcoming upgrade to Lync 2013 will also contain UC server upgrade.

Lync 2013 is not completely different from the previous version - Report

According to experienced users, the latest version MS Lync 2013 is not entirely different from its predecessor version Lync 2010. In fact, Microsoft hasn’t added much new features to this version but has improved all the existing features tremendously. However, folks who have used both Lync 2010 and Lync 2013 admit that that the latest version contains more powerful features. Sources privy to Microsoft reveal that the tech giant is planning to integrate better resiliency with the upcoming update for the latest Lync version.

Latest update to MS Lync 2013 adds better IM and Chat features

The recent update rolled out to MS Lync 2013 is said to have improved the IM and Chat features to a great extent. The group chat feature in the former versions of Lync had excited its users. Interestingly, Microsoft retained this feature. On top of that, it has integrated a persistent chat feature. Users are free to enable or disable the persistent chat feature. The advantage with the persistent chat feature is that it will let you retain the previous chat sessions or the history. As a result, when a new chat is begun, the user does not have to repeat the synopsis of the previous chat if it is going to be the follow-up of the same.

The brand new features added with Microsoft Lync 2013 are certain to thrill enterprise users. To determine how the new Lync version can benefit your business, contact our OmniTech Support Desk. Reading Omnitech reviews can also help you get more details about the application.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Omni Tech Desk Offers Affordable Support For Windows XP PCs

I was shocked when Microsoft announced last April that it was going to end support for Windows XP because more than a dozen of old PCs in my office had Windows XP operating system in them. I had no other option but to continue using XP because most of the PCs had very low hardware configurations.

Obviously, upgrading to a new Windows operating system was not a choice for me. In fact, I had checked this option with a number of experts and they told me that I had to upgrade my hardware in order to install a latest Windows operating system, say Windows 7 or Windows 8. Well, after estimating the cost to upgrade the hardware parts of my old PCs and the cost to upgrade the OS, it became clear to me that the overall cost is almost equal to buying dozens of new PCs preinstalled with a latest operating system. Hence, I decided to sign a contract with a third party tech support provider for my Windows XP computers.

Omni Tech support for Windows XP

Omni Tech support was introduced to me by my friend. He told me that it was the best third party tech support service for Windows XP. However, when I searched about the company online, I got to see more Omni Tech support fraud reports than good reviews. Later on, it was revealed to me by a happy OmniTech customer that they were just scams, aimed at redirecting people who are trying to contact Omni Tech support.

When I contacted Omni Tech support desk first time, seeking technical support for my Windows XP machines, I was requested by them to take a look at different subscription offers they have. Because I had almost a dozen of old PCs and I had no plan to ditch them shortly, I took a one year subscription plan. As per my request, they helped me customize the subscription package with services that I most wanted.

Omni Tech support desk covers a wide range of issues. I contacted them on several occasions for support, to resolve issues like virus infection, software corruption, OS corruption, network connection issues etc. Each time, they were able to fix the issue in less than half an hour.

As an experienced user, I advise all Windows XP users to seek support from OmniTech desk to ensure better security for their PCs. Furthermore, I advise you to ignore Omni Tech support fraud reports because they are all just fake.

Monday, November 17, 2014

How To Enable Auto Email Archiving In Microsoft Outlook?

Microsoft’s email client application Outlook can be used both for personal and office communications. The application offers better options and features, for instance email monitoring and email archiving for effective office communication. In an office setting, it is very important to keep an eye on the emails you receive or sent from your Outlook application. Moreover, there are occasions when you may want to maintain a database of all the emails sent to the clients for future references by your boss. Using the built-in email archiving option, you can create a database of all the Outlook emails you received or sent.

However, instead of using the built-in options for email arching and monitoring, a large number of users would send a carbon copy of the email to another email address. Well, this is fine as long as you don’t mind going to the alternative email account every time for reviewing the emails. I am sure, going this way, you will soon get fed up. You can evade this mess by making use of the built-in email monitoring and archiving option, which is both simple and effective. For real time assistance, consider testing Omni tech support desk.

  • Outlook lets you set up automatic email archiving at multiple frequencies. You are free to decide how often you want the application to archive the emails. After determining the frequency for email archiving (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly), set it accordingly in the Outlook settings. For that, launch your Outlook application. 
  • Go to the menu labelled File and choose the option that says Import and Export. This will initiate the import and export wizard. 
  • Following that, click the option that says Export to a file. 
  • A dropdown menu will appear now, asking you to specify the action that has to be performed. After choosing the desired action, select the Next button. 
  • Next, choose PST (Personal Folder File) from the dropdown menu titled Type of files. Select Next to continue. 
  • In this section, specify the folder that has to be archived. Once done, continue by clicking Next. 
  • Specify the folder to which the files need to be archived. 
  • Once done, click OK followed by Finish. 
Email archiving is highly recommended if you have to review or monitor your sent or received emails from time to time. For any help, contact the Omnitech support desk. If you are not convinced about the support offered by Omnitech support, feel free to take this as an opportunity for testing Omni tech support services.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Chat Headset - A Wonderful Addition To Your Xbox One System

If you thought you could win a multiplayer game in Xbox One by totally relying on your individual gaming skills, you are perhaps mistaken. Well, individual skills can be helpful to a great extent, however they are quite inadequate without teamwork and frequent communication.

The significance of communication in gaming is as important as the same in any other areas. Trying to shoot your enemies without teamwork or communication is similar to trying to catch a black cat from a dark room. You need to pay attention to the alerts sent to you by your teammates about the location of your enemies. The shooting should be done at the exact timing. It would be disastrous if you try to shoot your enemy too early or too late. To help gamers communicate with each co-players while playing adventure games in Xbox One, Microsoft has introduced a pretty good add-on, a chat headset.

Xbox One Chat Headset

According to Omnitech support desk, a popular PC support firm located in California, the benefits of the Chat headset while playing multi player games in Xbox One are immense. It can help you stay tuned to your co-players or to the reactions of your enemies and be prepared to shoot them down at the right time. Chat Headset can be very useful while playing shooting games. Nevertheless, its uses are not just restricted to this alone. Some of the key features of Xbox One Chat Headset are described below.

Clear digital voice

With Xbox One chat headset, you can hear clear digital voice. The headset comes with a responsive microphone. Using this, you can instruct your co-players to do what has to be done to diffuse the traps of your enemies. The headset is lightweight and thus does not make you feel heavy on the head. Obviously, it is ideal for long gaming sessions.

Easy options for adjusting the volume

Unlike other headphones, the Xbox One chat headset does not require your hands to adjust the volume or to customize the audio quality. You can connect it to your wireless controller and use it quite comfortably.

The Chat headset is certainly a valuable addition to your Xbox One gaming system. It can make your gaming experience more exciting and entertaining. Get it today. For any details such as the price of the headset or the availability of the headset in your region, contact our Omnitech support desk.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

HP Devotes Sales Push To Windows 7

As per the latest news, Hewlett and Packard is continuing to push Windows 7 in its business portfolio with a whopping 40 out of 54 laptops on their UK website selling this popular operating system from Microsoft. Many websites highlighted the trend in US and it is now clear that the same is happening in UK with businesses apparently driving the decision. Windows 7 operating system from Microsoft is much loved by its users owing to is ease of use and features. Seven out of the most popular laptop models from HP come preloaded with Windows 7 Professional. This is available through downgrade rights from the Windows 8.1 Pro.

Windows 7 Is Still Alive And Kicking

To sweeten the deal, HP is also offering a number of cash back deals that range from 50 pounds to 200 pounds, depending on whether the businesses are buying other accessories monitors, docking stations or not. It is worth noting that the push in the United States appears to be geared towards the consumers. But this is not the case in United Kingdom where HP does not sell laptops that are powered by the Windows 7 operating system. The reason for this decision of HP is obviously the popularity and the stability of the Windows 7 operating system.

Windows 7 OS is still the most popular operating system in the market with more than half of the Windows operating system market. This is a whopping number for Microsoft. Windows 8 and the different variants of the Windows 8 operating system account for about one eighth of the total market. This number is even less than the share of the unsupported Windows XP computers.

Some of the details about this news were provided by the Omni Tech support team. Many of the computer users refer to Omnitech support as Omni Tech Support ripoff, but in reality, Omnitech is a group of well-trained and professional technicians who are capable of fixing issues with your computer in no time. Omni Tech Support ripoff is the classic example on how rumors spread in the world of Internet. This means that you should pay for the technical assistance that they offer.

Like any other tech support firm, Omni Tech support offers chat and phone assistance and support is offered round the clock.

Omni Tech Support: Your First Choice For Technical Support Services

With every passing day, the number computers being manufactured and used and the number of users using these electronic services are increasing by leaps and bounds. With the advent of highly advanced computers and modern computers, users have become extremely dependant on them for a variety of things. There are many things the users use the computers for so much so that there are very few things available, where the computers are not used. Be it for business, home related activities, computers provide a variety of functionalities.

With the ever increasing use of computers in the life of people, the errors, issues and corruptions in the computers affect them in a huge way. Businesses cannot afford having issues in their computers. This is because a downtime in various computers related activities can affect the productivity to a huge extent. Huge multinational companies have technical support people providing technical assistance to the users. Most of these companies have dedicated IT departments to handle technical issues. This way, as and when there are issues they are resolved within no time. The downtime is reduced and the productivity is not significantly affected.

This may not be case for small businesses, as they cannot afford a separate department dedicated to repairing computer related issues. This is where technical support services come into picture. The problem with some of the technical support services available is that they can be highly unreliable. Some may offer their services at an exorbitant price. If the prices are low, the quality can be abysmal. It is very difficult to find tech support services offering both affordable support as well as quality services.

Omni Tech Support services offer some of the best computer repair services available. There are many support features making it simply excellent. There are three main steps, through which the company offers support. The first one includes chat initiation. In this step, the users will have chat conversations with the support services. In the next step, customers will be calling a technical support service person. Then, the final step is the Remote Management services, using which the tech support guy will resolve computer related issues.

Testing Omni Tech Support, you will know how much they believe in providing quality support. Testing Omni Tech Support, customers will get an idea of how affordable the IT solutions provided by them are. It will definitely become your number one choice among the technical Support services.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Steps To Setup Application Specific Passwords To Access Outlook.Com

To ensure that your account is secure, two-step authentication with the need of a password, and a code generated in near time, can prove to be an invaluable tool. Email programs that are logging to through Post Office Protocol (POP) only know your login password though, and will not be able to fetch codes.

While the password will be refused, and you will be getting a login error in the email client program, you will be able to set up specific passwords for use in the email clients that work even with two-step verification that is otherwise required. The users will be able to make a new POP password for each of the applications, and if anything suspicious happens, all the passwords that are made so will be disabled easily and fast.

There are many tech support firms that can help you in setting up application specific passwords in Omnitech support is one such tech support firm that offers very good Outlook support, but many people wrongly refer to Omnitech support as OmniTech Support ripoff. In reality, Omnitech support is a tech support company that offers great tech support services. The support tips that are shared below will help you to know more on the steps to be done to make application specific passwords in

  • Log into your account, and then click on your name or avatar in the top navigation bar of 
  • Choose Account Settings. If prompted, type in account password. After that, click on Sign in, open the Security info category that is located under Overview. 
  • Under App passwords, click on Create a new app password.
Use the password that appears under 'Use this app password', to sign in to the email program.

These are the simple steps to make application specific passwords in via POP. From the above steps, it should be clear that referring to Omnitech support as OmniTech Support ripoff is not correct. If you wish to know how to disable the application specific passwords in, you can contact Omnitech support desk. The trained technicians at Omnitech support will help you to disable the application specific passwords that you made by following the above steps. You may also refer to the Omnitech support guidelines that are posted in the official website to know more on these steps.